Lincoln CNC Service and Repair

Machinery Inspection Service

You wouldn't buy a used car without getting a certified and independent inspection, would you? Many companies spend less time and effort inspecting their used machinery purchases costing potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars than they spend on a car costing 20x less. And, they often end up buying a machine for more than it's worth because they don't have a full understanding of the problems that a machine may have.

Remember, companies get rid of machines for a reason! They may say that a machine is "in production" when they go to sell it, but how can you be sure it even operates if you haven't had it thoroughly inspected by a professional. Are you qualified to watch a machine run for a few minutes, or even a few hours, and deem that the machine is free of major defects? Do you know how to check the battery to make sure that you won't have to fully reload and reprogram the controller after shipment?


  • Spindle- $10000-35000
  • Ballscrews- $6000-13000
  • Box Ways damaged or Turcite gone
  • Tool changer & pallet changer gear box rebuilds
  • Waycovers- $2000-15000
  • Batteries dead-loss of parameters- $1500-4000
  • Spindle drive- $6000-12000
  • Axis drives- $3000-8000

Above are the average parts costs not including the labor to install and remove the parts, not to mention the downtime and long lead times.


When we inspect a machine, you can expect a report that is second to none. If you are a "detail person" then you will appreciate the painstaking efforts we go to ensure that every nuance of the machine is tested to be within normal operating thresholds. We also do detailed Barbell testing when the most in-depth analysis is required.